I wanted to share this article from, read it here:High Country News.

It stated that the Central Arizona Project, (you know them because they are the water management utility who replenishes the ground water for Johnson Utilities), decided to no longer purchase energy from the dirty coal generating station on the reservation and opted for a 20 year solar lease.

It also stated that congressman Paul Gosar drafted legislation to try and force the water management utility to buy from the coal plant until it closes in 2019. Why can’t this administration realize that we have other options for energy besides coal and oil??? I personally can’t wait to see the effects of clean energy for Arizona and hope that more residents, businesses and government buildings go solar and cut their ties with dirty energy. Solar has come such a long way. Other countries have started to phase out coal and are starting “Coal Free” campaigns. They have committed to cleaner energy to help damper pollution and climate change. (See the coal free country list). The United States is NOT on this list, sadly holding on to coal like Kanye holds Kim’s booty. I surely hope SRP and APS start working on better programs to make green energy more accessible and affordable to Arizona and becomes a leader in clean energy.


Amy Gerrish, Realtor
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