On July 24, 2018 the Arizona Corporation Commissions voted for an interim manager to take over operations of Johnson Utilities. In regards to the vote on the 3rd Party Manager, Commissioner Olson stated in the ACC’s press release, “I think the evidence is significant and it is clear that the management at this utility has not been appropriate to provide an assurance of public safety and reliable public services.”

Epcor USA was appointed as the interim manager. They are tasked with completing an engineering study to evaluate the utility’s infrastructure as their first order of business. At this time, the ACC & the customers of the utility are awaiting the findings of the report.

5 days after Epcor’s appointment, on Sunday July 29th, 2018, there was a 13,000 gallon raw sewage spill in Morning Sun Farms.

On the same day, there were also reports in public Facebook groups of residents looking for the closest laundromat because they did not have enough water pressure to do laundry, or run their dishwasher for that matter.

On July 30th, 2018, The Department of Real Estate issued a public report for Meritage Homes. The public report contains information about utilities. It doesn’t mention anything about the utility “not being appropriate to provide an assurance of public safety and reliable public services” as Commissioner Olson stated. See a copy of their public report here: san tan heights public report meritage approved 7.2018 

Many of the public would like to know, if the utility is not appropriate enough to provide an assurance of public safety and reliable public services, why would the department of Real Estate issue a public report? Why would they allow Meritage Homes to build without looking at the proper engineering studies to make sure the new homes being built have the assurance of public safety and reliable service? 

I have reached out to both the Arizona Department of Real Estate and to Meritage Homes for a comment and will send out an update once they comment.