Should this be allowed to happen?

Highlights from the ACC Docket

From the Developers:

“For purposes of background, our Properties consist of over 1,400 acres of land, and, with various entitlements and/or government approvals in place, are planned to develop up to 8,093 homes and/or some mixed use components. Without availability of continued service from Johnson Utilities, these projects will stall and remain dormant as to our knowledge. there is no other provider in the
area that has the infrastructure to serve these properties”

From Johnson Utilities:

“Although, our project has been delayed and the exact timing of our project is market
dependent, we would like to ensure that our request for water and sewer service with
Johnson Utilities is current. The intent is to extend our request for service for 2 years
and apply for an Approval to Construct when the market demand for retail in the
greater Florence market has fully recovered.”

Read the full docket filed about the future projects:

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